Pssst… we can write an original essay just for you. There were many tables set up with different opportunities to volunteer in the Bridgewater community. One of the organizations that caught my attention was the Bridgewater Retirement Community. Helping my community at home was something I took a large role in and I want to continue giving my helping hand in Bridgewater.

Since it is close to campus, I took a large interest in helping the retirement community. Retirement communities are in sudden need of volunteer help, not only in Bridgewater but also all over the United States. In when World War II ended, it was a time of great excitement and celebration. The soldiers were returning home from war and ready to start a real life with their families. An unaccountable amount of couples decided the best way to start their life again was to have and raise children together.

This caused for an outrageous increase in the population due to all of the excitement. The children born during the time period, tillare known as baby boomers. Since then it has been sixty-six years and that large population of people are now looking to retire and find homes that provide extra help and care. There are an overwhelming number of elderly people entering retirement communities; this surge of elderly people has brought about a need for more help.

Despite the increased need for help, there are not many people available to help making the demand high and the supply low. Because of the high demand for help at nursing homes, the employers are willing to give a potential employee a higher salary to convince them to work at the nursing home. These higher salaries are causing the cost to live in a nursing home to increase, meaning the patrons of the nursing home are forced to spend more of their savings.

This is where volunteer service is wanted; retirement communities are looking for someone who will help but are not asking for money in return. There is a hard time finding people to volunteer mostly because of the idea of ageism, meaning to be prejudice against someone because of their age GDAC Young people tend to discriminate against the elderly more than anyone else and these are the people that are needed to volunteer. GDAC says that the elderly has a stereotype attached to them that they are lonely, forgetful, old-fashioned people Most students want to talk about the latest technology or the latest gossip where the retirees do not know too much about the iPhone or your friends from home.

This can create an image that the elderly are boring people to talk to or be with because they cannot relate or share similar stories. Another thing influencing younger people to not volunteer their time is the image that has been made of old grumpy men in movies GDAC When children are young and are constantly watching movies about the unhappy old man who picks on kids, or shoots at birds and is generally unpleasant, it portrays a bad image of what elders are truly like.

These two concepts can be a big contribution as to why volunteers are lacking at retirement communities, although it is not only younger people who volunteer. I plan to be one of the college students that stands up and goes out to help my new Bridgewater community with the many baby boomers soon to be coming in. Although the baby boomers may affect the retirement communities in a poor way, Parsons idea of the disengagement theory proves that the baby boomers could have a positive affect on our economy.

Talcott Parsons, a functionalist theorist, developed an aging theory saying that it is functional for society to take people from their accustomed roles when they age to free those roles for others GDAC Since there are over millions of baby boomers, jobs are soon going to be opening fast. Taking a large amount of people out of the working environment within only a few years is going to open up a lot of new opportunities for people to move up in the business world, allowing college graduates to come in taking over the previous jobs.

This could hopefully turn our economy around in the next couple years and allow for the many people that have been losing jobs to get back into the business world. The baby boomers will constantly be retiring and moving over the next decade or so allowing for a lot of change in the world. I personally believe it will be a good change for our society, allowing new jobs to the people that have been struggling in our recent economic depression.

I also think it may encourage more people into volunteering at the retirement communities and will hopefully change the image that the elders carry with them today. Volunteering is a good way to get out of the house, or dorm, and make an impact in the community and on other peoples lives. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.Volunteering has been something that I truly have enjoyed doing in the past few years. I began volunteering when I was in highschool, mostly because we had to meet a certain amount of community service hours in order to be able to graduate.

In highschool I was also involved in many clubs and sports which required for us to do fundraisers and other volunteer work. For example,I was a member of the National Honor Society where we did a lot of volunteer work in our community.

I have been able to volunteer. Many walk into a volunteering experience with low expectations, lacking the motivation to acquire anything from the community service, but soley for the purpose to retain hours to have signed off on a sheet of paper. Generally, expecations upon arrival are low and volunteers walk into the assigned service hoping to do the bare minimum and are constantly looking over at the clock eagerly in hopes of turning hours.

Volunteering in my community services programs for various activities has been the most important and influential thing that I can offer to my community. It has allowed me to show honestly, integrity, and hard work. Activities such as volunteering at the local food bank, trash pick-up, or mentoring at elementary schools are considered meaningful volunteering activities, which I have been. Nowaday, many junior high and high school in the United States require their students to do volunteer, and community service to be graduated.

Volunteering and community service also help students to learn more about social life; it also helps students learn to be responsible for their action. Most people believe the idea that it would promote a good citizenship and cultivates compassion by that it will help young generations build an excellent ethnic, and make this world become better.

The world. Nowadays, many junior high and high schools in the United States require their students to do volunteer, and community service to be graduated. Most people believe the idea that it would promote a good citizen and cultivates compassion by that it will help young generations build an excellent ethnic, and make this world has become better. I never knew what was going on in my surrounding community, and I never thought that anyone really needed my help.

That is until I enrolled into Business Irabor has taught me about the importance of servicing my community. He has also taught me the difference between service learning, community service, and volunteering. Volunteering is any activity that involves spending unpaid time, doing something that aims to benefit the environment.

Opposers say, mandatory community service can have several negative effects on students.

Volunteering in the Public Services

Many students are barely even passing the regular school curriculum, and opposers believe. The amount of community service hours attained by a highschool student could determine whether or not they graduate, but it could also be the key to opening doors for adolescents future.

Volunteering by definition is the person who voluntarily offers himself or herself for a service or undertaking Dictionary, In the province of Ontario high school students must gain 40 hours minimum of community service in order to graduate.

Most adolescent high school students try to seek volunteer opportunities. What comes to your mind when you hear the word community? Does it excite you or does it make you cringe?

Society today illuminates the self and is primarily centered only on oneself. Thus, volunteering for the sake of helping others does is rare, unless it has personal benefits. People were once united and helped. Community service is more than just hours; community service is based on the acts performed by someone with the purpose of helping or bringing benefits to his or her community.

People frequently compare community service as a punishment since it is often offered to small-time offenders as an alternative to fines or jail time. However, community service is the vital force to many communities since they depend on the service made by the volunteers …show more content… Volunteering in your community helps solve many dilemmas in your community that descend through the eyes of government and social agencies Everything you ever wanted to know about volunteering.

Discussing about volunteering to teenagers should be the first step for a better life, since teenagers are the future of tomorrow and they will leave a mark from yesterday.

Volunteering has been such an important matter, that schools in many countries around the world established that 12th grade students will need certain hours of community service in order to graduate. I have better things to do! People are not only helping others, they are also helping themselves Volunteering.Haven't found the right essay?

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essay about volunteer public service meaning

Essays on Volunteering. Here are sample essays on volunteering that teach people the importance of helping others. Do you need to write a volunteering essay? Our writers will show you how. Did you know you can change lives by volunteering? This sounds like a good introduction sentence. What does this tell you about the outline of a paper on volunteering? A good conclusion should highlight the important social skills that are gained through volunteering.

Sometimes, you even gain valuable career experience by being a volunteer. Want to check out professional samples? Log in to our website and create an account with us or place an order. Volunteering and Community Community Volunteering 4 Pages. Volunteering is also famend for capability improvement and is regularly alleged to promote goodness or to decorate Helping Others Volunteering 2 Pages.

Since I was a child, I always wanted to help people and serve others.Please join StudyMode to read the full document. Only one resubmission is possible per assignment ,providing: The learner has met initial deadlines set in the assignment, or has met an agreed deadline extension The tutor considers that the learner will be able to provide improved evidence without further guidance. Evidence submitted for assessment has been authenticated and accompanied by a signed and dated declaration of authenticity by the learner.

Target Criteria Criteria achieved? Assessment comments P1 M1 D1 General comments Assessors declaration I certify that the evidence submitted for this assignment to the best of my knowledge is the learners own. The learner has clearly referenced any sources used in the work. I understand that false declaration is a form of malpractice. As a quality, it is a habit that people develop that allows them to follow orders without delay and without complaint.

Obedience differs from conformity. When someone conforms, they do something without being asked to do it. An officer who would wear their uniform on duty. Whereas, when someone obeys, they do what they are told to.

A soldier following an order to shoot somebody. Following orders In the uniformed public services being able to follow orders quickly and promptly is an absolute must. This does not mean that employees are robots and do exactly what they are told all the time, but the short of it is whenever an order has to be obeyed then it has to be obeyed. Due to this reason, people who are not able or prepared to follow an order, are not likely to be employed in the uniformed public services.

Even though employees in the uniformed public services have an obligation to follow orders, the people giving the orders have an obligation to give orders that are reasonable and are justified. Orders are part of the general drive towards discipline orders help to give the uniform services structure and keep everything intact.

There are two types of public services they are statutory and non-statutory services.

Volunteering can widen your networks with business and public sector

The difference between a statutory and a non-statutory service is that a statutory service is paid by tax payers, funded by the government and is set up by the law. They are usually uniformed and highly professional an example would be the Emergency Services and the Armed Forces.

Importance of Volunteerism Essay

Both public services are needed because statutory services help give the public a sense of national security and to keep order and non-statutory services are needed to ensure safety to victims of incidents and to help the statutory services concentrate on what they need to do to resolve the issue.

The public services value diversity as Lauren Smith Assignment 1: Understand the need for discipline in the uniformed public services.

What is discipline? The will to do the right thing in a timely fashion without getting results. Discipline is knowing right from wrong and the responsibilities for your own actions. If someone has the right discipline it will then contribute to keeping that person in line to ensure you get where you want in life. Having full discipline will make sure that you are on the straight and narrow.

It will keep your punctuality intact towards yourself, others and the environment. Without discipline, you will think that you can do whatever you want.

You need discipline to tell the truth to start off with; this will ensure that you are taking responsibility for your own actions. Adults in the public services need discipline because their own lives and the lives of others are at risk.The endless potentiality of fostering a better sense of community could inevitably be a game changer in the way Americans live and interact with one another.

Public service benefits society and individuals. Because it does, it should be enforced as a requirement for all high school students to graduate. Although volunteering is a common practice among some Americans, making it mandatory would ensure that more Americans were engaging in the selfless act and therefore improving society.

High school is. Volunteerism is a path to responsible citizenship. Volunteering is a form of generous behavior, with a goal of providing help to others, a group, an organization, a cause, or the community at large without expectation of accolades or material reward Musick,p 3.

Volunteer work encourages good citizenship. It builds trust with others and public institutions. Trusting people are more likely to get involved in leadership positions or even politics. It gets individuals involved by letting them. What comes to your mind when you hear the word community?

Does it excite you or does it make you cringe?

essay about volunteer public service meaning

Society today illuminates the self and is primarily centered only on oneself. Thus, volunteering for the sake of helping others does is rare, unless it has personal benefits. People were once united and helped. I gave examples of what opportunities were available and how to find information on how to become a volunteer.

I choose to use google as my research criterion and found a very resourceful website with the information I needed. As you read my paper you will find information about being a volunteer, what benefits it has, and what opportunities.

Volunteering for youth organizations: The reasons why volunteers do and do not. As Hartenian states, Nonprofit agencies depend on volunteers. They are central to the organizations success, upkeep of relationships with donors, individuals, and other organizations as well.Volunteering is a responsible work which requires time, effort, and talent but gives an exciting impressions, helps to meet new people, acquaintances and gives an opportunity to help those in need.

Working with an association as a volunteer in the sphere of helping international students is an interesting and inspiring experience. Studying in a foreign country can be difficult and stressful. Coming from abroad with an aim of studying can cause different personal, relationship, psychological, study troubles and distresses. It is easy to make the life of foreign students not so stressful by just helping them avoid all the tense worrying problems.

Community Service and Volunteering Essay

This is a core mission of the association. Each volunteer works as an organizer.

I tried to coordinate students in the main points during some organized planned activities. Services of our association include working with international students in different aspects, including Michigan ID, finding an apartment out of campus if they want, and discover the community of Ann Arbor.

Michigan ID should be got by foreign students, volunteer is to help to apply for the ID, it can be enhanced license or ID card which heightens security. Students are to be informed in the types of document needed to be fulfilled: identity verification, legal presence, and proof of Michigan residency, social security number or letter of ineligibility. Volunteer instructs students of all the details and necessities in getting an ID.

It is possible for students to live out of campus. As it is difficult for students to orientate quickly my work as a volunteer is to assist and consult students in the way of finding an appropriate apartment with all the required by each student conditions.

The first thing to do is to inform that living off the campus has its pros and cons, freedoms and concerns. The meeting on this subject can be organized and all the advantages and disadvantages discussed.

Living outside the campus can be cheaper, students will have more freedom, privacy and personal space, no destruction during studying, preparing of own meals, on the other hand it can be more expensive to live in a private flat, student will have lots of domestic responsibilities and duties.

It is also should be decided personally with each student if he wants to live without student society, far away from others or not. Discovering the community of Ann Arbor is important and exciting activity. A trip around the City can be planned including all the sights to see and get acquainted with.It is so disappointing that many people within our societies do know understand or value the importance of services in the community by volunteering.

Serving the society is very important in helping to solve many problems especially those that have been neglected by the government and other social programs. Volunteering to serve the community is not only beneficial to the individuals involved but it is necessary in creating better societies for all.

For instance, community members may volunteer to clean up a town near them or feeder roads. This way, all members benefit by living in a clean environment which is free from illnesses related to sanitation. By cleaning the compounds surrounding them, society members help promote the health of their young ones who are always playing during which time they can eat anything on the ground which would have otherwise caused them serious infections.

Community work does not always revolve around environmental work but it is equally important for the fortunate members of the society to help those who are less fortunate. Community members may volunteer to offer gifts and other services to help the less fortunate ones. This way, the members of the society will have helped others live a more and better comfortable life. Especially the young children will feel the love that they never got from their parents.

This is very essential in the growth and development of a child and the assistance and love they receive from the society will surely help them grow to be better adults in the society Landry 1.

Volunteer work in our societies basically involves sharing and friendship through which people can find out what other need so that they can work on assisting them in all ways possible. For instance, a community may volunteer to help the young people addicted to drugs where they organize meetings with them and doctors or psychiatrics volunteer to talk to them on the effects of drugs as the community helps them avoid the vise by giving them jobs to keep them busy.

This can even help shy people get self esteem.

essay about volunteer public service meaning

Volunteering in society work helps in promoting and building our social obligations as human beings. Through community volunteer work, people are able to respect each because they work together without any discrimination. Volunteerism can be thought of as a social capital where everyone is concerned for the wellbeing of others. It also helps create trust and confidence between society members as well as bringing the society together McHenry 1.

A society where people volunteer and work together is always faces less problems since all the members tend to get along well and support each when they are in need. Security of the society is also improved especially through rehabilitation of street children and drug addicts who are more likely to cause insecurity in the society. By supporting each other, society members can live in harmony and happier than those societies that do not work together. McHenry, W.

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